Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Linux And Flash Poor Frame Rate

Finally discovered the reason for the slow framerate and stuttering on my Kubuntu Linux. It seems that the problem is to do with using the windows composite manager compiz-fusion. Whilst looking for a solution I stumbled across this on the Ubuntu forum. This led me to this very useful article about Flash Optimization.
Although there are a number of suggested fixes at this site I tried the simplest - I installed fusion-icon and then used it to change the window manager to kwin.
I replayed a couple of online flash videos that had been playing really badly and, hey presto, the frame-rate was much improved.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Occupy Everywhere

Just a quick blog entry because I think thos cool people taking part in occupy protests around the world deserve a huge pat on the back and as much support as we can give them.

Pop over to the London Occupyt site and find out what is happening straight from the horses mouth rather than second hand from the mainstream/corporate controlled media.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

New Newark Route

The wife & I ventured out today despite the stormy looking clouds. For a change we decided to go south of the Trent from Newark, rather than our usual Thurgaton-Bleasby route, thus turning our normal linear ride into something more circular. The new route allowed us to take in Hawton, which promised a chance of seeing the new Solar farm that has just opened. From Newark we headed toward Hawton then diverted to pay a visit to Farndon after which we followed the small roads skirting the south of the river up to Gunthorpe bridge.
From Gunthorpe we went along the bridal/footpath on the north bank of the river until we reached Burton Joyce where we rejoined the main road back through Carlton and home.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

New Bike

I've just taken possession of my new bike - a Ridgeback Voyage. It's a steel framed tourer and comes with a pannier rack, pump and full mud guards, all very important for serious tourers.
Spent about a week on it now- riding to and from work each day (about 10 miles round trip) and a jaunt out to Bleasby via Woodborough and Epperstone. So far so good, though I am disappointed with the tyres, Continental Contacts, which, although are popular with a lot of tourers, have never really impressed me. My cynicism about this tyre being confirmed today by a worrying bulge developing in the rear tyre.
Hopefully I'll get this problem sorted before our big holiday.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Best Bhuna

Just felt I must write to say that I have found the best vegetable Bhuna curry yet. We found it at an Indian restaurant called Bengal Spice whilst holidaying in Caernarfon. Give it a try if you are in the area, I really think you will like it.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Put in a plot (15) of Red Duke of York's whilst A. was mowing the lawn. Also planted some runner beans in pots. All this follows on from last week when I sowed some tomato, courgette and parsnip seeds which I am now patiently waiting to germinate.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Romantic Newark

Revisited our regular haunt - The Georgian Townhouse - this weekend for Valentines. It was A's first time on the bike since October but we still managed a good speed, probably helped by a tailwind. Saturday was lovely and sunny and about the right temperatue for cycling. We stopped off at Manor Farm Tearooms for drinks before proceeding to the town via the usual route.
Arriving at about 1.30pm we set down our things changed and went for a mooch around Newark. The market was on and in full flow and the town was nicely busy but not crowded. The Cafe in the Buttermarket had stopped serving hot food so we went back to the eatery that we visited the last time for snacks and drinks.
In the evening we went to Cafe Bleu for super food - Chicken Ballantine and Lamb for Angela, and Butternut Squash soup and roast chicken for me, all washed down with a bottle of white wine.
After a lovely evening and the quaffing of much alcohol, including a bottle of Pol Roget Champagne (Winston Churchill's favorite apparently) we collapsed on the bed happy and full.
After a bit of animal romance the next morning and a lovely breakfast (English for me, smoked haddock for A) we set off into the windy grey Newark morning toward home via Hoveringham and the Reindeer Inn for lunch.
As usual the Reindeer In was very busy but we had booked in advance to be sure to get a seat. I had duck salad for starters and beef for main course. Angela started with the Ox Heart salad and had the roast Chicken for main course. Of course the Reindeer Inn is very special to us. Not just because the food they serve is absolutely wonderful, but because it is where we held our wedding reception on 17th July 2010; in a marquee in the car park.
By now it had started to rain so the last eight or so miles back onto the Thurgaton road and straight through Burton Joyce/Carlton valley home proved a bit uncomfortable but not too slow at around 12 mph.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Good Luck Egypt

The people of Egypt are rising up against the corrupt, US Supported dictatorship of Mubarak.

I send my best wishes and solidarity with the people of Egypt and a hope for a better future free from tyranny and the shackles of imperialist hegemony.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Joke of the day

Keanu Reeves has a sister who is also an actor - her name is Kiaora. She auditioned for the starring role in the remake of Hitchock's 'The Birds', but was turned down when they discovered she was too orangy for crows.