Saturday, 4 September 2010


This is a very late entry, but, after our successful ride to Skegness last week-end I have begun to ponder a route to York. The last time I cycled to York was in about 2000 with the CTC and I barely remember the route. What I do remember however is that we went through Tuxford and Bawtry. Consequently I thought I would just jot down a quick note about the route from Nottingham to Tuxford and mention something about the wonderful working windmill that you can find there.
We cycled to Tuxford sometime in May. The start of the journey was fairly well known to us - basically through Burton Joyce along the Thurgaton road to Southwell and then on, through Southwell and past Hockney and the legendary housing project. After a thankfully brief spin along the A617 we turn off, back on to country lanes, to Winkburn and over the slight incline on top of which is a look-out point from which you can see Lincoln Cathedral. Onwards to Laxton, with it's ancient strip field system, lovely pub and museum and then to Tuxford with it's refurbished working Windmill and Tea shop.