Monday, 26 April 2010

The not-so-famous Famous Shoulder

Sunday and out on the bikes again. This time an expeditionary route to Sheffield, or at least to as far as time allowed.

Much of the journey is urbanized and passes through many of the former colliery towns of North-West Nottinghamshire. Leaving Nottingham via the A60 Mansfield road after about 8 miles we turned west through the villages of Papplewick and Linby to join the Annesely road at the junction with the Hucknall bypass. Up along the split duel carriageway, to the left of us Byron's walk and to the right Annesley Hall, home of the Chaworths at the time of Byron.

After a small climb to Mutton hill we turned left down into Kirkby-in-Ashfield, through a new build and garishly painted shopping precinct, through some rather sparsly populated industrial estate land and then on through a pretentious and rather horrid new-build housing estate. A right turn onto the road to Sutton-in-Ashfield and then on to Huthwaite - home of the world famous Thornton's chocolate factory.

The road from Huthwaite to Tibshelf changed from urbanised small town road to open country as it climbed up into the foot-hills of the Peak District. Just past the turn-off to Hardwick Hall and 22 miles into the journey we decided to call it a day and stopped at the The Famous Shoulder hotal and restaurant just short of Chesterfield for snacks and drinks.

The way back was very easy going a brisk tailwind and lots of downhill to help us on our way made for an average return speed of neigh on 15mph - a record for us.