Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Melton - Closed on a Sunday

This weekend we decided to take a ride to Melton Mowbray (about 22 miles). The weather was dry - but a cold wind kept the temperature chilly. Sticking to the b and unclassified roads rather than the long and windy route of the canal we made good time to Hickling where we happened to chance upon the Bread & Bitter cycling group stopping for a swift (or not so swift) half or two. They set off on their way back home and we ploughed on to Melton, up the rather long and steep hill just past Long Clawson, along the undulating road through Holwell and then down into Melton.
As expected, Melton was closed. Even the much promised tea-shoppes that one might expect to find in such a quaint little market town did not materialise. Melton are missing a trick here. For such a pretty and historic town famous for it's food and particularly its Pork Pies you would have expected a nice selection of independent Cafeterias etc to draw tourists and provide a pleasant day out for locals. Not to be. All we could find was a Morrisons, a Cafe Nero and a Pizza Express. All chains, hardly peculiar to Melton Mowbray.
In need of sustanance we plumped for the Pizza Express and admittedly a nice vegetarian salad (The Bosco I think it was called). The Pizza Express was lovely, but a tea-shoppe would have been nicer.