Friday, 12 February 2010


This interview thing is becoming a chore. First there was RH Group, then Dollar Financial (who didn't like me) , and now Microlise (still waiting).
Of course interviews like this give me the opportunity to find out more about these companies. The most rivetting fact yet that I've heard is that Dollar Financial are recruiting because the unbanked and unbankable population, currently at around 30%, in the UK is rising and this is the market serviced by this company (owners of the MoneyShop). The interviewer appeared unaware of why this would be. I couldn't bring myself to tell her it was the manifestation of the workers losing the Class War.
To be honest I don't mind the thought of being unemployed and becoming a 'house husband' for a couple of months. There is plenty that needs doing and I would do well to get the flat sorted out for rental.